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Questions Frequently asked

What services do you offer? Personal Consultancy (Integrated Coaching/Therapy);  Confidential and professional Psychotherapy, 1:1 Counselling and Coaching in Brentwood, Essex and the City of London or via 


What is Personal Consultancy? Personal Consultancy integrates counselling and coaching approaches; it brings together the reparative aspects of psychotherapy and counselling and joins them with the generative aspects of many types of counselling and coaching. Together this can be a very effective mix.

How do I know if you are the right Therapist for me? The relationship between you and your therapist is one of the strongest predictors of success so it is always a good idea to have an initial phone conversation. I offer an initial phone conversation free  to ensure we are both comfortable with the idea of working together.  

Do I need therapy? Or Coaching? Or both ie Personal Consultancy? Some people may already have an idea on what they expect from therapy or coaching. They may have a clear goal or an issue want help with. Others may not really have a clear sense of what they need which is perfectly normal – this is something which becomes clearer as we explore things together. Personal therapy or Coaching can be a hugely valuable life experience that can enhance personal insight and a sense of purpose and meaning in life. 

What happens in the assessment session? This is an exploratory session where we discuss the reason you have come and what you would like to achieve. During the session, we will discuss how I work and how I use both therapy and coaching to achieve the best possible outcome. It may be that only one approach is necessary but this is something we will discuss and agree together. I will explain more about both coaching and therapy during this session and answer any questions you might have on the different approaches.  

 What happens in the sessions? This depends on what we agree at the assessment session. I work in an Integrative way using either coaching or therapy or both as appropriate. As a coach/therapist working integratively, I allow space for you to explore your issues at your own speed, listening supportively, trying to understand how things are for you, and together begin to consider patterns in your life. This may help the issues become clearer and help you consider your thoughts & feelings in a new way,leading to a deeper understanding of yourself. This is a very important part of the work and can take some time but may lead to deeper understandings and a sense of really being able to get in touch with yourself. Following on from this is where we work together to help you look forward to the future, to see how you would like your life to be, setting goals and how you can achieve them. My work is in supporting and empowering you during this process, helping you do the work yourself.  
Duration of Therapy/Coaching  This is very much dependant on what your situation is and what you want to work on. Deep seated issues may require extended time periods whereas other issues may only require a few sessions. Whatever duration, we will regularly review your progress.

What commitment from me is needed? Client commitment to the process is an important part of the process and is best achieved by commitment to regular weekly sessions. Coaching sessions may be less regular (this is discussed at the initial assessment).  

 Is therapy confidential? Yes. The only exception to this is if there was a risk of harm to yourself or others. As part of adherence to BACP guidelines I regularly discuss my clinical caseload with a supervisor - client details are anonymised. We can discuss this in our assessment session.  

 Who do you work with? Ages 13+, one-to-one sessions; skype or phone.  

 How long are sessions? Personal Consultancy sessions are 50 minutes duration. One off coaching sessions (60-90 minutes)  

Cancellations & Fees Fees are payable by cash or cheque each session. I operate a clear policy in respect of cancellations. Sessions must be cancelled at least 48 hours before appointment time – this can be done via text, phone call, or email. If this does not happen, my charge will be 50% of the full session fee (non-negotiable). In this respect I operate a different policy than many other professionals where often the full fee is requested. I understand that sometimes things can come up at the last minute and plans need to change, so do not ask for full fees in such cases. In return for this I do ask that the 'non-negotiable' aspect is respected.  

 What are your professional memberships and affiliations? I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated Counselling and Coaching from the University of East London and am a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists); the ICTP (Integrated Coach Therapist Professionals); the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and the AC (Association for Coaching) I adhere to the BACP code of ethical conduct and am an active participant within the AICTP. I undertake CPD (continuous professional development) in line with BACP requirements, and invest regularly in training. I'm fully insured and DBS checked. I also provide my services on a charitable basis to a charity providing low cost counselling to young people in my community.  

 Do you offer telephone or Video Conferencing sessions? This is certainly possible although I prefer where possible to meet with clients first.  

 Can you work with my organisation? Yes. I am able to work within organisations and tailor and deliver executive management coaching and training. I can work in a group setting or a 1-2-1 basis exploring how best individuals and teams can perform at their very best. Please contact me and I will be glad to discuss with you in detail.  

 What areas do you work in? Brentwood, Essex   and the City of London

What is the first step? Please contact me via email: , or telephone on 075022224


Counselling/Coaching  £55

Hypnotherapy (60 minutes) £65

Concessions      (I offer a limited number of concessions) - negotiable rates

City Rates

Please see my company website for details

Most therapists working in private practice have very substantial 'hidden' costs, such as premises, insurances, regular ongoing training, frequent supervision, affiliations, data management, travel, hardware/software - and much else.